Si informa che il Tribunale di Ragusa con sentenza n.24/2018 del 30.05.2018
ha dichiarato il fallimento della Donnafugata Resort S.r.l. 

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(https://pvp.giustizia.it) l’invito alla presentazione di offerte, scadenti il 25.05.2020,
per la cessione dei beni mobili.
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Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa, the provincial capital, is divided into Superiore (the more modern part) and Ibla (the older part). The town has a very particular setting, perched on the Monti Iblei (hills), with the Irminio river running through it.

The 1693 earthquake was both the ruin and the making of Ibla. Indeed, following the earthquake that destroyed most of the medieval structures, Ragusa was brought back to life with the execution of great works of Baroque architecture, to such an extent that it has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and also included in the Val di Noto district.

Did you know? 
The extraordinary geographical situation of the town has earned Ragusa the nickname “town of the bridges”: Ponte Vecchio, Ponte Nuovo and Ponte PapaGiovanni XXIII.

Some places not to be missed

  • The Duomo of San Giorgio, acknowledged worldwide asone of the highest expressions of Baroque religious architecture;
  • Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, one of the mostmagnificent churches in Sicily;
  • Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista, annoverata trale chiese più imponenti della Sicilia;
  • Archaeological museum, which exhibits vestiges of the nearby ancient settlements;
  • Piazza Pola, with its bars and restaurants, is the best starting point from which to explore the streets of Ibla, admiring the many aristocratic palaces. 

Archaeological and natural heritage sites
Archaeological and natural heritage sites in the Ragusa area. The Kamarina archaeological site offers you the opportunity to stroll about the remains of what was at its time a large Siracuse colony with a temple dedicated to Minerva, of which unfortunately only a few vestiges remain. Kaukana is another, in which you will find the remains of the ancient port town dating back to the time of the Byzantine rule. Il Giardino Ibleo is inthe Eastern part of Ragusa Ibla, overlooking the valley of the river Irminio. Dating back to the 19th century, the garden envelops no less than three churches, among them that of the Cappuccini.

Ragusa’s traditional local products
Have you never heard about scacce? Every bar and restaurant in Ragusa makes these in a number of tasty variants: aubergine, ricotta cheese and spinach, tomato and traditional local cheese, sausage. Although scacce can be found all year round, they are traditionally eaten at Christmas time. You must also taste the local protected origin cheese, Ragusa Caciocavallo.

Events in Ragusa

  • “Festa di San Giorgio”: last week of May in Ragusa Ibla
  • “Festa di San Giovanni Battista”: 29th of August in Ragusa Superiore



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