In typical late Baroque style, Modica is part of the district of Val di Noto. Apart from the numerous beautiful  architectural  structures,  Modica  is  famous  for  the  confections  of  chocolate  made according to an ancient Aztec recipe. The association of this two most characteristic features of the town, led to the birth of the Chocobarocco, a cultural event that attracts an increasing number of visitors every year. 

As in nearby Ragusa, Modica conserves little of theoriginal medieval settlement. The remains of the necropolis  right  at  the  centre  of  the  town  testify  to  the  Byzantine  rule,  although  the  original settlement goes back to the ancient Sicilians. In  the  late  13th  century  the  Contea  di  Modica (county  of  Modica)  was  established  to  ratify  the wealth and political force conquered by the city. 

Did you know?
Modica is the birthplace of the poet Salvatore Quasimodo, a famous hermit and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959? Quasimodo’s house-museum is located in Via Posterla. On the initiative of the poet’s relatives, a literary park has also been created, which includesthe places in Sicily that were most significant to Quasimodo and his family. 

Some places not to be missed

  • Duomo  di  San  Giorgio:  magnificent  5-naves  church  with  precious  paintings  and  a  monumental organ;
  • Church  of  Santa  Maria  del  Gesù:  the  most  characteristic  feature  is  the  Catalan  style  of  the architecture and decoration;
  • Castle of the Conti;
  • House-museum of Salvatore Quasimodo;
  • Quarticcio necropolis;

Archeological and natural sites around Modica 
Cava Ispica è un vero e proprio museo all’aperto che include una gran varietà di reperti riconducili ad epoche diverse: grotte, affreschi e un’estesa catacomba. Da non perdere inoltre il Castello Sicano.Una giornata a Cava d’Ispica si rivela un’ottima occasione anche per conoscere la vegetazione tipica locale. 

Modica’s traditional local products 

Cava Ispica is a real outdoor museum that includes  a great variety of remains from different eras: grottos, frescos and a large catacomb. Don’t miss the Castello Sicano. A day in Cava d’Ispica is a great  opportunity  to  explore  the  local  vegetation.  Modica’s  famous  products.  The  confection  of Modica  chocolate  was  brought  over  during  the  Spanish  domination-  who  had  learnt  the  Aztec technique – and is today one of Sicily’s most characteristic products. One of its features is its “cold” manufacture. Modica chocolate is unique and is spiced in various ways … Try the chilli variant! 

Events in Modica

  • Madonna Vasa Vasa: Easter Day in the morning 
  • Palio della Contea: mid-August


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