Si informa che il Tribunale di Ragusa con sentenza n.24/2018 del 30.05.2018
ha dichiarato il fallimento della Donnafugata Resort S.r.l. 

E’ stato, pertanto, pubblicato sul portale delle vendite pubbliche (https://pvp.giustizia.it)
l’invito alla presentazione di offerte, scadenti il 31.10.2019 per la cessione dell’azienda.
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The town of Comiso is located in a wide valley between the Iblei Mountains, about 17 km from ragusa. The land is flat, rich in urban settlements due to the urbanization  process, small industries and also the expansion of greenhouse farms, especially near the coast.

The real history of the city begins with the Aragona's family, who leave Comiso as feud to a certain Federico Speciaro from Messina, in 1296. He built a palace/castle in the urban core and other fortifications.Around the palace will born the new town. It follows a series of transfers between the local nobles and events such as the plague of 1624 and the 1693 earthquake that slow down the development. It was the Naselli's family to govern the city from 1493 until the end of 1700 and to build public and private buildings, in the characteristic sicilian baroque style, churches and other buildings that have made famous to the city center thanks to the impact of the urban scenery.

Did you know?
In Comiso was born Gesualdo Bufalino, writer of the twentieth century, father of meny stylistic invention and remarkable observer.

The city is also famous for working hard stone, the so-called "Comiso stone", which is now a real industry. In the territory, in fact, the limestone is similar to marble and is widely used as a building material.

Some places not to be missed

  • Duomo di Comiso e Chiesa Madre - Santa Maria delle Stelle
  • Santuario di San Francesco all'Immacolata
  • Ex Chiesa del Gesù (or "di San Filippo Neri")
  • Pagoda della Pace
  • Palazzo comunale
  • Palazzo Iacono-Ciarcià
  • Terme Romane di Diana
  • Basilica Maria SS. Annunziata
  • Chiesa di S. Biagio
  • Chiesa di S. Maria delle Grazia (also colled "dei Cappuccini")
  • Castello dei Naselli d'Aragona
  • Palazzo Occhipinti
  • Palazzo Trigona di Canicarao

Archaeological Site

  • Terme Romane di Diana: this is real urban thermal baths. Buided by Romans, they were used until the Byzantine period.
  • Cava Porcaro: the archaeological site includes some subterranean caves with prehistoric tombs

Comiso International Airport
The airport, named to Pio La Torre, is located 5 km from Comiso and 15 km from Ragusa. Born during the "Fascita" period, with a troubled political and military history, it is now an important reference for local tourism.




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