Si informa che il Tribunale di Ragusa con sentenza n.24/2018 del 30.05.2018
ha dichiarato il fallimento della Donnafugata Resort S.r.l. 

E’ stato, pertanto, pubblicato sul portale delle vendite pubbliche (https://pvp.giustizia.it)
l’invito alla presentazione di offerte, scadenti il 31.10.2019 per la cessione dell’azienda.
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Caucana archaeological site

Kaukana is a seaside archaeological site in the municipality of Santa Croce Camerina in the province of Ragusa, on the southern coast of Sicily, placed near Kaucana, an ancient port city of the period of Greek colonization in Sicily.

The ancient town, known for its archaeological excavations, is located a few hundred meters from Punta Secca, near Marina di Ragusa. The territory, fertile and rich of water in the Greek period, soon became full of small habitation settlements that coincided with Kaucanae's name. When, in 258 BC, the Roman consul Attilio Calatino destroyed Kamarina its inhabitants escaped to death and here found refuge. Romans during the imperial era strengthened the port of Kaucanae which was important for centuries even in the Byzantine period. There are in fact the remains of a three-nave cemetery church with tombs in the floor. Kaucana was destroyed by the Saracens around 827. The excavations have brought to light an urbanistically interesting dwelling with simple rectangular houses of two or three rooms and buildings with many rooms and multiple floors with stairs and courtyards. The area was visited and studied by the famous archaeologist Paolo Orsi. The  Archaeological Museum Ibleo in Ragusa collects  the evidences of the area, that irepresents the Kaukana Archaeological Park with rests of a late-Roman and Byzantine trade port.

Inside the park, a monumental tomb emerged inside a private home. The house, a few steps from the sea, has two bedrooms, a courtyard and two other rooms. In the tomb were found the remains of a 25-year-old woman and her 4-year-old daughter. The presence of a mausoleum inside a private home is very rare and constitutes a unique example in Sicily.

Caucana Tomba Monumentale


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  • Tel.: 347 6974 535 (Distefano)

Vista Aerea Caucana

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