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Butterfly House - Modica

Hundreds of tropical butterflies of many and varied species fly freely in our winter garden, which is located in the former convent of the Carmine in the center of Modica. This charming garden combined with the beauty of the butterflies is the heart of the "Butterfly House".

Casa delle Farfalle

The structure, over 300 sqm, houses hundreds of exotic butterflies left in a space that reproduces the almost natural conditions of a tropical virgin forest with a temperature of 26° C and a humidity of 80%. A waterfall, small ponds and bridges create a picturesque scenery that gives emphasis to the beauty of butterflies and offers a unique opportunity to take wonderful pictures.

Casa delle Farfalle

Infos on billboards gives exhaustive notions about the insects and allow you to comprehend the life cycle of a butterfly. In the so-called "chrysalis house" guests can attend the birth of butterflies from their chrysalises.

Casa delle Farfalle

You will also find the giant Cobra Butterfly (Attacus atlas), characteristic for the lively colors and the fantastic motif of its wings, that can reach an opening of 30 cm.

Casa delle Farfalle

Whether a class, a group of tourists, adults, teens, children or simply passionate visitors, you can plan your visit with us living a truly unique experience.


Ex Caserma dei Carabinieri
97015 Modica (Rg)
Info for visiting  335.78.78.895
info for schools 392.76.91.183

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