Si informa che il Tribunale di Ragusa con sentenza n.24/2018 del 30.05.2018
ha dichiarato il fallimento della Donnafugata Resort S.r.l. 

E’ stato, pertanto, pubblicato sul portale delle vendite pubbliche
(https://pvp.giustizia.it) l’invito alla presentazione di offerte, scadenti il 25.05.2020,
per la cessione dei beni mobili.
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April 2019

NB. The events and dates listed in this page are purely indicative. Our Guests are invited to contact the Concierge or the specific event's organizators to get further information.


From the 2nd to 3rd: Scicli
During  the  celebration  of  St.  Joseph  the  traditional  folkloric  appointment  with  the historical “Cavalcade of St. Joseph”: the richly dressed-up horses’ parade through the own  center.  Festivals  and  gastronomy,  exhibitions  and  the  traditional  sweets  of  St. Joseph. 

From the 9th to 1th: Ispica
The Easter celebrations begins on the last Friday of Lent with the procession of St.Cascia and  continue  until  Easter.  On  the  “Holy  Thursday”  the  most  awaited  moment:  the Procession of the “Christ at the Column”. 

From the 9th to 16th: Scicli
The “Celebration of the Live Man” is the procession of the Risen Christ in Scicli so-called "u Gioia". At the end of the Holy Week celebration, a fascinating and hectic procession.

From the 9th to 16th: Comiso
"A  Paci"  on  the  Easter  Sunday,  a  traditional  festival  characterized  by  the  encounter between the simulacrum of St. Mary “Annunziata” andthe Risen Christ. 

From the 21st to 24th: Vittoria
“AGREM  –  Agribusiness  Fair”  at  the  “Emaia”,  the  exhibition  of  seeds,  agriculture  and fruit. 

From the 21st to 2th: Modica
"Besides the spikes" is back in Modica by discovering the history of the ancient grains, the taste and also the territory. Modica will become the city of bread with educational and cultural experiences for the little ones. 

From the 22nd of April to the 1st of May: PalazzoloAcreide e Cassibile (Siracusa)
The Strawberry Festival in Palazzolo Acreide and at the Mediterranean hippodromo in Cassibile. 

From the 23rd to 25th: Donnalucata
In spring, the small port of Donnalucata will host one of the most important festivals of Ragusa, "Gusto Mare Nero", born from the historical“Festival of Sepia” with many new features.

From the 29th to 2nd maggio: Acate
La terza domenica dopo Pasqua Acate celebra ilsuo protettore San Vincenzo Martire, una tradizione antica che risale al 1722, anno in cui si iniziò a celebrare la festa. 

From the 16th to 18th: Modica
The celebration of the “Madonna Vasa Vasa", a big procession with the kisses between the St. Mary and the Risen Christ. On the Tuesday after Easter Monday, the traditional celebration of " U marti ‘i l’Itria" dedicated to the “Madonna of Itria”. 

On the 23rd: Chiaramonte Gulfi
On the Sunday after Easter the celebration of “Our Lady of Gulfi” that the city dedicated to the Patron. Traditional "Salita” (Ascent) of thesimulacrum from the sanctuary up to the cathedral. Nine days later, the traditional "Cuncursu" and "Discesa” (Descent). 

On the 30th: Modica
The procession of St. George with the simulacrum of St. George carried on shoulders by the "Sangiorgiari" that run before coming back and "turn" into the church. A celebration and a show of faith and devotion.


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