Si informa che il Tribunale di Ragusa con sentenza n.24/2018 del 30.05.2018
ha dichiarato il fallimento della Donnafugata Resort S.r.l. 

E’ stato, pertanto, pubblicato sul portale delle vendite pubbliche
(https://pvp.giustizia.it) l’invito alla presentazione di offerte, scadenti il 25.05.2020,
per la cessione dei beni mobili.
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Rules and Etiquette

Tee-off times

  • Tee-offs of couples and single players can be inserted in another group at the tee-of times established by the Club Secretary’s Office when thecourse is crowded.
  • The Club Secretary’s Office must approve any changes to tee-off times.
  • A round can only be started after the Club Secretary’s Office has assigned a tee-off time.
  • The tee-off time will be assigned to Residents in order of arrival and according to availability.
  • Residents will have tee-off priority on weekends and public holidays.
  • Skipping holes is not permitted at any time.
  • The game must always start from the first tee on the course, unless otherwise authorised by the Club Secretary’s Office.
  • Cancellation of tee-of times: Reserved tee-off times must be cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice.


  • Guests are asked to dress in a manner that complies with the atmosphere and setting of our Club.
  • Casual clothes (suitable for golf) are permitted in the Club House. Special golf clothes are required on the course and in all practice areas.
  • Men: Shirts with collar and sleeves, trousers or Bermuda shorts are suitable articles.
  • Women: Dresses, skirts, trousers or short trousers and polo shirts are suitable articles.
  • Shoes: It is recommended to wear golf shoes on the course. All other shoes must have soft soles.
  • Shoes with metal nails are not admitted at Donnafugata Golf Resort & Spa. Blue Jeans, tracksuit  trousers, workout clothing, beachwear, tennis or athletics shorts, high-waisted or body-hugging teeshirts are not permitted. This dress code is obligatory for all players. Players who are inappropriately dressed will be invited to change before playing. If you are in any doubt about your own clothing, please inquire at the ProShop.

Weather guidelines

  • When bad whether interrupts play or conditions prevent play restarting, by Decision of the Club Manager, a “rain-credit” may be issued. When the siren sounds twice, this means there is an imminent danger of lightning strikes in the area and games must be immediately suspended.

Juniors & Students

  • Juniors: up to 18 years.
  • Students: up to 25 years of age and in possession of a valid student pass.
  • Children are allowed on the golf course when accompanied by an adult or authorised by the Club
  • Secretary’s Office. Minors (under 18) are not allowed to driver golf carts. 


All Residents and Visitors must register at the ProShop before starting their round. It is recommended to register 30 minutes before tee-off  time. Not checking in and registering 10 minutes prior to the tee-of time could lead to cancellation or postponement.

Driving Range

The driving range is open during the playing hours posted in the Club Secretary’s Office. The driving range  will  remain  closed  for  general  maintenance  works  during  the  hours  posted  in  the  Club Secretary’s Office. Practice balls are only to be used in the driving range and are not permitted on the course. Picking up balls directly from the driving range is strictly prohibited. The tokens for the driving range can be bought at the ProShop. It is  recommended that suitable clothing always be worn in the driving range. Practicing on the golf course is not permitted. For practice, the driving range, the putting and chipping greens and the practice bunker must be used.

Electric Golf Carts

Golf carts cannot be used by Residents or Visitors on the Resort estate without being allocated one and registered in the Club Secretary’s Office. All golf cart drivers must be at least 18 years’ old. All players must have their own bag and a set of clubs.No more than two (2) adults and two (2) sets of clubs are permitted in each golf cart. Those using golf carts do so under their own responsibility. A Resident or Visitor may be asked to pay the repair costs for a damaged golf cart.

Food and Drink

The Club House will provide all the food and drink consumed on the course estate. Private picnics and packed lunches are not permitted. 

Playing Speed

If a group fails to keep its position on the courseand falls more than 1 (one) hole behind the group in  front,  it  must  allow  the  next  group  to  play  through.  Players  who  stop  for  any  reason  after completing nine (9) holes, must reach the next tee before the following group arrives on that tee, or else will lose their position on the course. Always allow faster groups to play through. 2 Players have  priority  over  3,  and  3  over  4.  On  weekends  and public  holidays,  these guidelines  will  be reversed: 4 players have priority over 3, and 3 over 2. A group is not permitted to play more than (4) balls at a time on the course. 


The Golf Professionals and Marshalls have authorityover players at all times. They are responsible for seeing that the Golf Club rules and regulationsare adhered to. Any infringement of these will be referred to the Club Manager. Remember that your position is immediately behind the group in front and not in front of the one behind! Anyone behaving in a way that the Donnafugata Golf Resort & Spa considers inappropriate, offensive or harmfulto the common interest, safety, the harmony and good reputation of the Owners and players will be expelled from course by decision of the Management. Course management has sole power to decide whether behaviour is inappropriate, harmful to the common interest, to safety, harmony and good reputation. To help us in this matter please read and remember:

  • To speed up play: always keep sight of the group infront; if you can’t see it, you are probably going too slowly.
  • Get to the first tee at least 5 minutes before the scheduled tee-off time.
  • Time saved: at least 2 minutes.
  • On the tee: get ready, put on your glove, prepare ball and tee in your hand, while the other play their first shot.
  • Time saved: 30 seconds per hole, 9 minutes per round.
  • On the tee, be ready to play: a player ready to play avoids delays.
  • Time saved: 30 seconds per hole, 9 minutes per round.
  • Walk briskly and choose which club to use for the next shot before you get to your ball.
  • Time saved: 30 seconds per hole, 9 minutes per round.
  • When you go onto the green to put, leave your bag behind the green in the direction of the next hole.
  • Time saved: 1 minute per hole, 18 minutes per round.
  • Plan and study your putt while another player is putting and be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • Time saved: 30 seconds per hole, 9 minutes per round.
  • Do fill in your score on the green. Do so on the tee of the next hole while another player is playing. Time saved: 30 seconds per hole, 9 minutes per round. 



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